Stream production

We offer stream production of sport events.

Livestream on up to 4 camerasProfessional livestreams from various kinds of sport.

Info graphicsScoreboard - play time, game part, match score, exclusion time, penalties, raids, supportive statistics.

Replays from up to 4 camerasInstant replays straight during the livestream with professional editing.

Why choose Us?


we are archiving broadcasts right after the transfer to the archive on our website

production and possible copy of the recording in MP4 (MPEG-4) after the end of the stream

cut - producing game / goal highlights

distribution of copies - a record on a flash drive, HDD, DVD, archive of LSTV

Why choose Us?


quality streams in full HD

good stream of data (depending on local Internet connection)

possible to watch on all operating systems - the desktop PC - Windows, Mac OS; mobile OS - Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and more


During our streams, there are thousands of people watching them.

Advertisement space

We offer promotional window sizes up to 234px under stream window with a link to the website of sponsor. Another option is to display pop-ups directly during the live stream or play a short promotional video placed in a stream window or on the whole screen.

Stream pricing

The price of the stream depends on all the parameters of realized production such as: length of stream, number of streams, the number of cameras used (info graphics, replays, commentary, virtual studio), the number of streaming channels (number of websites, which will stream directed), projection on LED board and such.

Any questions about pricing can be send to:
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